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Why should use egg washing machines to clean eggs?

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Why do more and more egg industries use egg washing machines to clean eggs?

     With the advancement of science, egg industry is also increasing. Egg washing machines become important when washing eggs. As many egg industries have changed from small farmers’small workshops to clean and bright egg processing plants, especially those used to process egg products by manual breaking eggs and use a lot of broken eggs, now change to use professional egg processing equipment to process.

     Egg washing machines and egg breaking machine are commonly used egg processing equipment, especially egg washing machines are more and more widely used, because many chicken farms use egg washing machines to clean eggs in order to make eggs look good. Especially the eggs we buy in the supermarket are usually washed by the egg washer.

     The egg washing machine is used to wash hen eggs or duck eggs or other eggs. there are different models according to the size of the egg. The same type of egg washing machine can be used for chicken and duck eggs, while quail eggs must use another one.

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Why use egg washing machines to clean eggs?

      Eggs are produced through the cloaca of animals, so many intestinal microorganisms will adhere to the surface of the eggs, and some of the eggs that have just been produced will have excrement left on them, which is very unhygienic. In the general environment, these bacteria will infect a large number of bacteria. Pathogenic bacteria.

  According to the survey report, 10% of the eggs used in the experiment had Salmonella on the surface, and 64% of the eggs had Escherichia coli on the surface. Moreover, because there are a large number of stomata on the surface of the eggshell for gas exchange with the outside air, the bacteria outside the eggshell can take advantage of it. These microorganisms and pathogens enter the egg through the stomata and multiply. In this way, the quality of eggs is not only seriously affected, but also poses a threat to the health of eaters.

   In short, if you have a large number of eggs that cannot be manually cleaned, then use egg washing machines to clean and disinfect the eggs. This will not only prevent microorganisms and pathogens from entering the eggs, but also ensure that the eggs will not be infected by bacteria.

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