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What is Fruit Pulper and How does Fruit Pulper Work?

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What is Fruit Pulper?

Fruit pulper is a kind of machine for crushing fruit and vegetable, for small machine, we have movable barrel type fruit pulper 20L, 32L, 50L. and table type fruit pulper 3L, 4L, 6L, 10L, 15L. These two type are multi-functional, suitable for crushing various fruit and vegetable such as tomato, cucumber, spinach, celery, and pepper, radish, garlic, ginger, orange, apple, pear, yam, etc. and also suitable for making others such as seasoning sauce, fluid food production.

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what is fruit pulper

Application of Fruit Pulping Machine

The fruit and vegetable pulping machine is an ideal equipment for crushing and mixing fruits and vegetables  into juice or pulp, for making seasoning sauce, meat slurry, etc.  widely used in hotels, restaurants, canteens, small fruit and vegetable processing plants, etc.

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How Does Fruit Pulper Work?

The fruit and vegetable pulper adopt a high rotating speed motor to drive the stainless steel knife, the blades at the bottom of the mixing cup rotates at high speed, thus to crush fruit and vegetable to fruit vegetable pulp, for fruit pulper over 10L, there is timer which can control the blending time, the adjust time is 0~60 minites, the longer the blending time, the more delicate of the final fruit and vegetable pulp or puree. 

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What is Fruit Pulper and How does Fruit Pulper Work?

What is the Advantages of the Fruit Pulp machine?

  1. The food pulper adopts food grade 304 stainless steel material, durable, beautiful outlook, safe and hygienic.
  2. The 20L, 32L, 50L barrel type fruit and vegetable pulper’s barrel is with lock catch design, the barrel is tiltable when discharging, easy and convenient to operate.
  3. The 3L, 4L, 6L, 10L, 15L table type fruit pulp machine’s barrel is designed to be taken out when finishing pulping, easy for discharging the finished products. 
  4. The 3~32L food pulp machine lid is transparent design to make it easier for monitoring when operation. The 50L fruit blender as is larger capacity, is with stainless steel lid for stable performance. 
  5. Multi-functional use, wide application.
  6. with over load protection function, safe use.
  7. Small size, high efficiency, save labor, save area, save cost, low noise, good pulping effect.
Commercial Fruit Vegetable Pulper
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How to buy fruit pulper in China?

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