Profitable 300W Eggs Feeder Watertank Egg Loading Machine

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Description of Automatic Watertank Egg Loading Machine:

The watertank egg loading machine in water is suitable for chicken eggs and duck eggs, etc. The buoyancy of water can be used to reduce the damage of eggs due to collision. The output is 2700-10800 pieces per hour. The egg loading machine in water can realize the function of soaking and disinfection, and can be combined Egg washing machine, dryer, egg breaking machine and other equipment.

Features of Watertank Egg Feeding Equipment:

  1. Eggs are placed in the water, saving labor and increasing efficiency.
  2. Compact structure, gearbox transmission, low power.
  3. The model is easy to use and reliable, suitable for users with small sites and low output.
  4. The body is made of 304 stainless steel plate, which is corrosion-resistant and beautiful.

watertank egg loading machine

Technical Data of Watertank Egg Loader:

Model HM-EF1 Egg Loader in watertank
Capacity ≤10800eggs/h
Voltage AC220-1PH,50/60HZ
Power 0.3KW
Dimension 1300*1150*1100mm
Weight 170KG

Video of Watertank Egg Lifting Device in Egg Liquid Line Application:

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