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large-scale steamed bun machine Performance Characteristics

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Large-Scale Steamed Bun Machines Are Generally Used In Large Public Places Such As Hotels, Guesthouses, School Canteens, Etc. Its Characteristics Are As Follows, Let Us Introduce The Following, And Hope To Help You.

1. First Character of Steamed Bun Machine—Save Time&Effort

Firstly is that mass production saves time and effort(see video). One steamed bun machine can produce tens of millions of steamed buns a day. If you manually knead the noodles, ferment, and steam then, may need over eight or ten people make overnight, If reduce the labor cost, the cost will not be profitable.So it is necessary to use machine instead of hand-made.

2. Second Character of Steamed Bun Machine—Final Steamed Bun Good Look

Secondly is that the steamed bread made by steamed bun machine is good look. Compared with hand-made steamed buns, the outer surface of buns made by the steamed bun machine according to certain reference technical parameters is very smooth, and the size of the buns is very symmetrical, and the strength during the kneading process is relatively uniform. It’s chewy and good taste.

3. Third Character of Steamed Bun Machine—Intelligent Production

Thirdly is intelligent production. The general large-scale steamed bun machine is a complete process from kneading dough to processing to the final cutting integration, without any manual operation in the middle, only a few buttons are needed to easily complete the entire production and processing of steamed buns, only need manual proportioning. The materials will do all then.

4. You can add favorite ingredients according to your taste

The Fourth point is that you can add favorite ingredients according to your taste, which is convenient and simple to clean. Some people like sweet buns or buns with nuts. You can add walnuts, jujube and other dried fruits to the bun maker at an appropriate time to make buns with a wide variety of flowers. Generally, the pasta in the bucket can be cleaned by pour in appropriate water after the machine is used up and mix and stir. Generally, clean the machine as soon as possible after the machine is used up to prevent the pasta from hanging on the wall of the bucket after it is dry. If you forget to clean it, add warm water to clean.

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