Hot Sale Spring Roll Wrapper Machine Samosa Skin Making Machine

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Description Of Spring Roll Wrapper Machine:

The spring roll wrapper machine can produce round or square dough sheet between 0.2-3mm in thickness, such as spring roll wrapper, samosa wrapper, egg sheet, france pancakes and ethiopian injeras, etc. It is suitable for food factory, hotel, store, restaurant, fast food restaurant, etc.

The Spring roll crepe machine uses flour as material, you also can add some spice to make spring roll sheet. Operation is very easy and has high capacity!

Spring roll wrapper machine can make round or rectangular (need Cutting Part) spring roll sheet. We can make new machines according to your sheet diameter.

lumpia wrapper maker machine

Structure Of Lumpia Wrapper Maker Machine:

The spring roll wrapper machine is Composed of mixer, automatic batter feeding part, heating&shaping cylinder, cutter, conveying & cooling part and sheet stacking parts, can make injeras in either round or rectangular shapes.

Features Of Spring Roll Sheet Making Machine:

  1. The spring roll wrapper machine is made of stainless steel ,and has stable structure and good performance,also versatile,can be produced in any different to the size of the square and roll size of its thickness is consistent.
  2. This samosa pastry sheet machine is easy to operate ,high output,it’s a ideal equipment for foodstuff processing industry.
  3. It can save manpower, and reduce the production cost, improve market competitiveness, seize business opportunities.
  4. The spring roll machine can be working automatically. Spring roll pastry, samosa pastry, lumpia wrapper, crepes, pancake, injera and pecking duck wrapper can be produces.(Attention: 100% starch rice paper is not available.)

samosa wrapper maker

Technical Data of Spring Roll Wrapper Machine:

Model HM-SR1
Material Stainless steel
Capacity 900~1500pcs/h(Customized)
Motor power 370W
Voltage 220V(can be customized)
Gas Consumption 0.5kg/h
Dimension 860*580*1000mm
Weight 150kg
Cake Shape and Size Customized as required
Heating way Gas or Electric(as required)

spring roll wrapper machine

Video of Spring Roll Wrapper Machine:

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