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Operation Method and Precautions for Egg Breaking Machine

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Eggs are a popular food in our daily life, with high nutritional value and are deeply loved by the public. For some large-scale food baking companies, eggs are also one of the ingredients that are consumed a lot every day, but with such a large consumption of eggs, breaking eggshells is also a big project, at this time, one egg breaking machine will be necessary for helping crack eggs. So what is the operation method of the egg breaking machine? What precautions should it have? You will know after reading this article.

The operation method of egg breaking machine

The operation method of the egg breaking machine is very simple. After the operator has done the sanitation work, turn on the power of the egg breaking machine, turn the start button to the start position, and the egg breaking machine will start to run. After that, the operator uses the vacuum egg lifter to send the eggs in the tray into the slideway, and gradually starts to complete the egg knocking work as the eggs enter the opposite slot along the conveyor belt.

When breaking eggs, the egg breaking machine imitates the manual egg breaking action to realize the operation links such as egg picking, egg breaking, shell breaking, separation, and shell throwing. In addition, the front end of the conveyor belt of the egg breaking machine can be equipped with a light inspection, which can quickly identify the bad eggs; after the eggs are broken, the egg liquid and shell can be separated immediately to reduce the breakage of eggshells and avoid it enter the egg liquid. 

Under normal circumstances, the egg breaking machine has been adjusted well before leaving the factory, so there is no need for the operator to adjust the running speed of the egg breaking machine again, and it can be used immediately when it is turned on. At the same time, if you also bought HIMORE MACHINERY’s water tank eggs feeder, the operator does not need to manually load eggs when loading eggs, just slowly put the eggs in the tray into the water tank, and the water egg loading machine will start, It can complete the egg loading work at the same time realize the immersion disinfection of the egg product surface. Therefore, the operation of the automatic egg breaking machine is very simple and fast.  

egg breaking and separating machine
egg shell breaking machine

Precautions for egg breaking machine

  1. After using the machineeach time, it is necessary to clean the utensils and material barrels in time, and clean up the whole machine.
  2. Check if the parts of the equipment are looseevery day.
  3. When cleaning the equipment, it needs to be cleaned with a non-corrosive detergent first, and then wiped dry with a dry cloth.
  4. Pay attention to the status of the indicator light on the egg breaking machine. If any abnormality is found, it needs to be checked and dealt with immediately.
  5. When cleaning the machine, do not wash it directly with water.
  6. The operation and feeding should be stable, and the feeding should be done according to the material ratio specified by the industry. The feeding speed should not be too fast or too slow, so as to prevent the abnormality of the ratio error. And when accelerating and decelerating, the operation should be stable to avoid the sudden superposition of temperature difference stress and pressure stress, which will cause deformation or wear of the equipment.

The above is the full introduction to the operation method and precautions of the egg breaking machine. The egg breaking machine is a very convenient machine for some large-scale baking industries that need to use a large amount of egg liquid and egg white. HIMORE FOOD MACHINERY specializes in R&D and production of egg breaking machine. We also produce other egg processing equipment including automatic egg washing machines, eggs dryer, water tank eggs feeder, eggshell crusher, egg white and yolk separators, egg processing combined production lines, egg grading machine and other equipment. If you want to know more about the egg processing machinery, welcome to contact us!

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