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Description of Pizza cone machine:

Pizza cone machine is commercial cone pizza machine can automatically produce hand-held pizza cone (also known as cone pizza, conical pizza, handle pizza, and hand-rolled pizza), umbrella-shaped pizza cone, conch pizza cone, pie cone integrated machine. It is widely used in restaurants, cone pizzerias, pizza self-service, pizza delivery and other major catering industries.

It has a stainless steel body, thick material, one-key multi-function use,It has an all-stainless steel shell combined with an aluminum alloy mold, which has a simple and elegant appearance. It has a food-grade pizza cone mold, and the insulating material can prevent the mold from sticking to the cone.

pizza cone maker

Features of Pizza Cone Making Machine::

  1. The pizza cone machine shell is fully made of 304stainless steel.
  2. The mould materialis aluminum, and the surface is insulating material to prevent the cone from sticking.
  3. Pizza cone mold size: for 4 heads type: 55mm*140mm*3mm;for 2 heads type: 55mm*140mm*3mm; Pizza cone and cake all in onemold size: pizza cone 55mm*140mm*3mm cake 13 cm, the size of the pizza cone and cake can be customized.
  4. The temperature of the upper and lower molds of the pizza cone mold can be adjusted according to different conditions.
  5. The machine is equipped with an automatic alarm device.
  6. Fully automated, fully intelligent, easy to operate, stable performance.

cone pizza machine

Technical Data of Pizza cone machine:

Model Cone shape Cone number Cone size Power Machine size Weight
HM-PZ1 Cone shape 4 130x60x3mm 3kw, 110V/220V 350x530x980mm 43kg
HM-PZ2 Conch shape 2 130x60x3mm 1.8kw, 110V/220V 380x480x1000mm 40kg
HM-PZ3 Cone shape 4 160x70x5mm 3kw, 110V/220V 640x420x1120mm 66kg
HM-PZ4 Screw thread shape 4 170x70x5mm 2.8kw, 110V/220V 550x450x1060mm 70kg
HM-PZ5 Cup shape 4 Customizable 3kw, 110V/220V 640x420x1120mm 66kg
HM-PZ6 2 cones

2 Umbrella

4 Cone


Umbrella 120x100x5mm

3.6kw, 110V/220V 670x370x990mm 65kg
HM-PZ7 Umbrella 2 100x120x5mm 2.6kw, 110V/220V 350x530x980mm 55kg
HM-PZ8 2 cones

1 umbrella

3 Customizable 2.3kw, 110V/220V 350x530x980mm 53kg
HM-PZ9 2 cones

1 cake

3 Customizable 2.3kw, 110V/220V 350x530x980mm 50kg
HM-PZ10 Cone shape 2 Customizable 1.7kw, 110V/220V 400x400x980mm 45kg

Technical Data of Pizza cone Oven and Display Cabinet:

Conical Pizza Oven
Model Power Output Oven size Weight
HM-PO1 2kw, 110V/220V 12pcs/batch 830x420x500mm 45kg
HM-PO2 1.8kw,110V/220V 10pcs/batch 530x530x560mm 40kg
Display cabinet
Model Power Output Dimension Weight
HM-PD1 0.6kw, 110V/220V 12pcs/batch 520x520x390mm 17kg

pizza cone maker machine

Materials for making pizza cone:

400 grams of bread flour, 660 grams of cake flour,50 grams of Milk powder, 100 grams of Yellow butter, 2 eggs, 8 grams of sugar, 8 grams of salt, 8 grams of yeast, A moderate amount of salad oil,500 grams of water

Pizza cone making machinery:

Dough mixer–dough divider–Pizza cone forming machine–Pizza cone Oven—Display cabinet

The production process of making hand-held pizza cones:

  1. First, pour bread flour,cake flour,milk powder,sugar, salt and yeast together into the machine, and then add the Yellow butter and stir them.
  2. Add the salad oil twice and stir well in the process of stirring, Change to medium speed until the dough is smooth enough.
  3. The prepared dough is divided into 50 grams of dough and wrapped by plastic wrap.(The fermentation of the wrapped dough can be conducted in the freezer or at room temperature )
  4. Fermented dough is kneaded into cone and placed in the pizza cone machine. Bake them for another 10 to 15 seconds under the temperature180 to 200 degrees.
  5. Baked cone can save 2 days for storage in the preservation tank.

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