New 15/30/60eggs/batch Vacuum Egg Sucker Machine with safety guard for Sale

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Description of Vacuum Egg Sucker:

The vacuum egg sucker is to suck up the eggs in the egg tray as a whole and transfer them to another place, which is widely used in poultry farms, hatcheries, food processing plants, biological products factories and other places.
The device generates suction through a vacuum pump and is connected to a suction cup by a special air tube to suck up the eggs from the egg tray and transfer them to the hatching tray.
The egg handling equipment has the characteristics of flexible movement, convenient operation and low labor intensity, which greatly improves work efficiency, reduce labor cost. We can also customize products according to your requirements.

egg vacuum lifter

Features of Vacuum Egg Lifter:

  1. Higher efficiency;
  2. Less damage rate for eggs;
  3. Preventing contamination by hands, more clean.
  4. Eggs are sucked onto the roller of egg machine by vacuum egg lifter (5*6=30 eggs each suck or 15eggs, or 2*30eggs). The vacuum egg lifter is sucked by a motor but lift up and down by hand, that helps workers to load eggs onto the egg machine more easily.
  5. The egg handling equipment is easy to move.
  6. The egg handling equipment with cover on motor, protect hand from touching motor. safe and beautiful outlook.

Technical Data of  Egg Sucktion Lifter

Model HM-EL30
Capacity 30 eggs/batch(5*6)
Power 550W
Voltage 220V/50-60HZ/Single phase
Dimension 450*400*360mm
Weight 16.5kg
Remark: we have 15eggs/time and also 2*30eggs/time type for choose too.

Video of Vacuum Egg Lifter:

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