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4 sets Meatball Maker and Meatball Beater Export to Columbia

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What kind of machines needed for making meatballs?

The meatball processing machine generally consists of meat grinder, meatball beater and meatball maker, meatball receiving tank, etc..

When making meatballs, firstly use meat grinder to grind meat to small meat particles without damaging the fibrous tissue of the muscle. And then use meatball beating machine for beating, In the beating process, pour in the required ingredients, beat the meat into a paste, and mix with the ingredients thoroughly. Finally use meatball forming machine to make the meat paste to beautiful meatballs.

For meatball beating machine, according to the different meat of the meatballs, the beating is divided into high-speed meatball beating and slow-speed meatball beating.

For the meatball forming machine, it can produce meatballs continuously, with high production efficiency, and by changing different size moulds can make different size meatballs.

And also the meatball receiving tank is popular, it has steam heating type and electric heating type for choose, you can choose according to your actual needs.

4 sets Meatball Makers and Meatball Beaters Export to Columbia

Our columbia client owns a small meat processing factory, now want to expand business to supply meatballs. They already have meat grinder in his factory, so he bought our meatball beaters and meatball making machine for making meatballs. Thanks for choosing HIMORE, we believe you will enjoy great success! And we will always be here for support if any needs!

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