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Is There a Machine to Peel Oranges?

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Is there a machine to peel oranges easily on the market?

Orange is a very delicious fruit, but because the peel of the orange is thick, it is not easy to peel, so how to peel the orange easily? In daily life, we often use a spoon to completely peel off the peel of the orange, but if in Juice shops, fruit shops, juice factories, fruit processing plants and other places that require a lot of peeling, is there a machine to peel oranges? Of course there is, and use machine peeling instead of manual peeling can save time and effort, and is clean and hygienic.

What kind of orange peeling machines there are on the market?

Usually according to the needs of different occasions, there are table type electric orange peelers, commercial orange peelers, industrial orange peelers, etc. The most popular machines are as follows:

1. Table type electric orange peeler

Is  there a machine to peel oranges easily for home or commercial use?

Yes, if for home or commercial use, there is small and convenient table type electric orange peeler can peel oranges easily and high efficiency.

Electric Orange Peeler Material: Stainless Steel

Scope of application: It is suitable for peeling round, oval or irregular fruits such as oranges, lemons, apples, pears, kiwis, mangoes, etc. It is especially suitable for fruits with thick peels.

Features: high efficiency, simple operation, strong practicability, can be used in juice shops, fruit shops, juice factories, fruit processing factories, etc.

Price: good price and durable, only the blade needs to be replaced in the later use process, and there is almost no maintenance cost.

2. Commercial orange peeler

Is there a machine to peel oranges for commercial use?

Yes, the commercial orange peeling machine with counting function is popular. 

The commercial orange peeling machine has two functions: peeling and trimming. 

The peeling speed is adjustable, manual and automatic peeling can be switched, and it has a counting function. suitable for peeling passion fruit, kiwi fruit and other similar round and oval fruits.

Material: Stainless steel

Price: One machine is dual-use, cost-effective.

3. Industrial Fruit peeling Machine

Is there a machine to peel oranges for industrial use?

Yes, our industrial fruit peeling machine with PLC control can meet demand.

Scope of application:

It can be applied to industrial large-scale processing of oranges such as oranges, tangerines, grapefruit and other citrus, such as orange juice, orange fruit food raw materials, oranges, grapefruit oranges, orange pulp, oranges, citrus cysts, granules Orange raw materials, fruit orange raw materials, grapefruit, orange peel sauce, dried orange peel, orange peel Gan, etc.

Structural Principles:

The industrial orange peeling machine is controlled by PLC, which can complete multiple actions of peeling, cutting end, and protecting the color. The peeling knife can automatically adhere to the change of the shape of the fruit, and the peeling thickness can be adjusted, so the peeled fruit is less damaged and the pulp is less damaged. High utilization rate. Set parameters and actions on the touch screen, put the fruit into the hopper and automatically peel and cut the end, and at the same time, the liquid in the color protection tank sprays the peeled fruit to prevent oxidation and blackening. The strip-shaped peel, the round-end peel, and the peeled pulp come out from three outlets respectively. About 1200 oranges can be peeled per hour.

The advantages of the industrial fruit peeler: labor-saving, material-saving, workshop-saving, safe, hygienic, and very low-carbon.

(1) Labor saving—–It can replace 10-26 labors, and the machine investment can be recovered in 2-10 months

(2) Material saving—– The actual performance of the factory shows that cutting apples can save about 10%, and cutting pineapples can save about 8%.

(3) Provincial factory building—-The actual performance of the factory shows that cutting apples saves more than half of the factory area

(4) Safety—– Peeling fruits and vegetables is tiring, dirty and hurts the hands, and the bacteria in the human mouth and nose will contaminate the food (this is the main reason for the detection of staphylococcus and hepatitis A virus). Mechanical peeling makes it safer for both employees and businesses.

(5) Hygiene—–Man sea tactics peeling the peel, coughing, sneezing, nails, hair and other pollution are naturally not light, and mechanical peeling can greatly reduce this pollution.

(6) Very low carbon —– Compared with hot alkali cooking and peeling, the waste water is reduced by nearly 10 times, and the energy consumption is reduced by more than 5 times, which is very low carbon and environmentally friendly. Moreover, the loss of nutrition and flavor of fruits and vegetables is small, and the product quality is high.

Price: Industrial fruit peeler is expensive and generally suitable for mass production such as factories.

To sum up, is there a machine to peel oranges? Yes, there are many machines that can peel oranges, and you can choose and buy them according to your actual needs and budget.