High Quality Semi automatic Glass Jar Vacuum Capping Machine

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Description of Semi automatic Glass Jar Vacuum Capping Machine:

This semi automatic glass jar vacuum capping machine is new developed equipment, It sets the automatic glass bottle vacuum and put cover in one, the hand glass bottle vacuum pump way, can get a high degree glass bottle vacuum. The glass bottle vacuum capping machine has the function of automatic capping,no bottle no capping, automatic alarm when no cap, stable and reliable performance.

This glass jar capping machine is widely used in the industries of food canning, beverage, condiment, health care and other industries. Experiments have proved that vacuum screw caps can effectively extend the shelf life of products for more than half a year compared with ordinary screw caps. The vacuum effect reaches over 98.6%, and the vacuum screw cap has become the trend of modern bottled food production.

semi automatic screw capping machine

Features of Semi automatic Glass Jar Screw Capping Machine:

  1. It adopts automatic vacuum pumping and capping in one body, which has a high degree of automation;
  2. Cap screwing torque and vacuum degree can be set as required to ensure that the vacuum degree is absolutely up to standard;
  3. It is suitable for screw caps of various round bottles or special-shaped bottles, and has strong compatibility;
  4. Only need to change several parts, so to apply to different shape and different size bottle
  5. Adopt stainless steel design, each part is easy to adjust;
  6. The electrical and pneumatic components of internationally renowned brands are used to ensure stable, reliable and durable equipment performance.

semi automatic glass jar vacuum capping machine

Technical Data of Glass Semi auto Glass Jar Vacuum Capping Machine:

Suitable bottle cap diameter30-85mm(can be customized)
Suitable bottle height50-180mm(can be customized)
Suitable bottle diameter30-80mm/80-150mm(can be customized)
Capping speed15-18bottles/min
Voltage220V/50Hz or as required
Max vacuum degree-0.08mpa
Air pressure0.6-0.7Mpa
Screw torque5-20N.M


1)Can use alone

2)Can use together with other equipments to make a semi auto filling capping and labeling line:

Paste Liquid Filling Machine—-Glass Jar Vacuum Capping Machine—Labeling Machine

glass jar filling capping and labeling machine

Video of Semi automatic Glass Jar Vacuum Capping Machine:

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