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CE Approved 50L Fruit Vegetable blender Export to Italy

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The CE approved fruit vegetable blender also named fruit vegetable pulper, it can crush and mix fruits and vegetables into juice or pulp. It is suitable for blending various fruits and vegetables such as tomato, cucumber, spinach, celery, and pepper, radish, garlic, ginger, orange, apple, pear, yam, etc. and other such as seasoning sauce, fluid food production.nwidely used in hotels, restaurants, canteens, small fruit and vegetable processing plants, etc.

This fruit vegetable pulper adopts food grade SUS304 material, durable, safe and hygienic. The inclined design is used to facilitate the transfer of materials and the cleaning of equipment. The fruit vegetable blender can be used for multiple purposes, and with overload protection function. Featured with large volume, small size, simple structure, stable operation, low noise and good pulping effect. It is very popular with clients.

Our Italy client is a very kind farm owner, he bought the 50L fruit vegetable blender(Click to know more) for private use and for testing. We appreciate for the trust and will always providing the best support to our clients and we will always be your trustworthy business partner in China!

fruit vegetable blender export

fruit vegetable blender export to Italy