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Good Price Commercial Fruit and Vegetable Blender Export to Hungary

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How does your Commercial Fruit and Vegetable Blender Work?

Our table type commercial fruit and vegetable blender uses a high-speed rotating motor to drive the stainless steel knife. The blade at the bottom of the mixing cup rotates at high speed. It can crush and mix fruits and vegetables into juice or pulp. It is suitable for blending various fruits and vegetables such as tomato, cucumber, spinach, celery, and pepper, radish, garlic, ginger, orange, apple, pear, yam, etc. and other such as seasoning sauce, fluid food production.

CE Approved Fruit and Vegetable Blender Ship to Our Nice Hungary Client:

Our fruit and vegetable blender is with CE certification and popular among clients. Our Hungary client is a nice lady who want to buy one machine for blending fruit and vegetable used in hotel, she likes the beautiful outlook and high quality table type blender, and bought one for her hotel use, we sent her testing machine video before shipping, she is happy to see the gorgeous ready machine. and introduced her friend who want to buy some snacks machines to us, we are appreciated to our kind client and will provide the best quality machines to our clients and with the best service!

fruit and vegetable blender
fruit and vegetable blender packing