7cm Electric Young Coconut Opener Mature Coconut Opener Machine

Electric young coconut opener mature coconut opener machine is suitable for different kinds of coconuts, opening position adjustable, different opening size  meet different demands.

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Advantages of HM-KY5 Electric Young Coconut Opener:

  1. The opening position can be adjusted freely, the cutting depth is controllable, and the opening is 7cm. It is suitable for all kinds of coconuts, such as green coconut, coconut emperor, old coconut, etc. The cut has no black edges, and it looks very good for coconut jelly.
  2. With high working efficiency, about 600 openings can be opened in one hour, which is safe and efficient.
  3. High quality blades, sharp and durable, easy to replace. Durable blade, can cut 100,000+ coconuts.
  4. Automatic power-off switch, safe in place, energy saving and power saving!
  5. Double blades, reduce noise, reduce blade wear and prolong blade life.
  6. The young/old coconut machine is small and does not take up space, and has a handle for easy movement.
  7. The young/mature coconut opener machine is made of thickened stainless steel, which is beautiful, firm and durable, stable in operation, and the coconut is not easy to move.

mature coconut opener

brown coconut opener

Technical Data of  Electric Young/Mature Coconut Opener Machine:

Model HM-KY5 HY-KY6 HY-KY7
Type Semi-auto Semi-auto Auto, PLC control
Capacity 600pcs/h 4pcs/min 4~5pcs/min
Opening Diameter 7cm 6cm/8cm Adjustable
Power 550w 230W Electric type
Voltage 220V/50HZ/Single phase 220V/110V 220V/110V
Dimension 150*350*530mm 340*190*650mm 890*580*1200mm
Weight 22kg 18kg 65kg

Video of HM-KY5 Coconut Opening Machine:


We have different types of Coconut Opener Machine meet different demands, welcome to contact us to know more:

electric coconut opener machine

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