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Electric Jacketed Kettle with Agitator Export to Greece

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Function of Electric Jacketed Kettle

The electric jacketed kettle uses heat conduction oil as the heat source, used for materials melting, disinfection, heating, blanching, pre-cooking and preparation , Boiling, steaming and concentrating. etc. 

Applications of Steam Jacketed Kettle

The steam jacketed kettle with agitator is widely used in food processing and brewing, wine making, pharmacy and daily chemical industries such as candy,cakes, beverages, fruit juice, jam, preserves, dairy products and canned food. At the same time, it is also suitable for large hotels, restaurants, hotels, guest houses, restaurants, industrial and mining enterprises, government agencies, and college canteens, as porridge, soup, dumplings, cooking and stew.

electric jacketed kettle with agitator

What are the advantages to using a steam jacketed kettle?

The electric jacketed kettle with agitator is with large heating area,high thermal efficiency, fast heating of materials, uniform heating, and easy control of heating temperature.

Over the years, the majority of users have agreed that this product is indeed an excellent food equipment for improving product quality, shortening working hours, and improving working conditions.

tilting electric steam jacketed kettle

Tilting Electric Jacketed Kettle With Agitator Exported to Greece

Our Greece client bought one tilting electric jacket kettle with agitator for making jam, the tilting function make it easy for discharging final products. the agitator keep mixing materials, and avoid sticking to the pan, with good cooking effect. We tested the electric jacketed kettle before shipping and the jacketed kettle is packed into export standard plywood case for safe shipping, our client speak highly of us and the jacketed kettle already been exported to Greece. Those who have used our machines speak highly of us and become our regular customers. We treat customers as our friends and serve them wholeheartedly. Whenever you have any question regarding the food machinery field, you can consult us for details. 


electric steam kettle

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