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Automatic Egg Incubator Export to Canada

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HIMORE Egg Incubator is for incubating all kinds of poultry and bird eggs including duck eggs, chicken eggs, goose eggs, quail eggs and other rare birds. The hatching capability of the egg incubator can reach above 95%. Our egg incubator with digital temperature, humidity display. auto-temperature, auto- humidity controlling system, convenient for operation.

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Our Canada client is a nice farm owner who want to incubate duck eggs with volume about 10000 eggs, we recommend our models with volume 9072 and 10584 duck eggs, after comparison, he finally choose the larger volume 10584 duck eggs.

We start production after getting deposit and send images and video to client for confirmation after finishing production(in about 7 working days), he is very happy for the quick production and machine looks good, and after he done the balance payment, we ship to Canada by sea immediately.

egg incubator canada

He is satisfied after receiving our eggs incubator and we build long term cooperation now.

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