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Hot Sale Double Head Vegetable Cutter Machine Export to Thailand

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The double head vegetable cutter machine with double speed control and double feeding-port, the two parts could work at the same time. One feeding-port for cutting leafy vegetables, such as green onions, garlic stem, leek, celery, cabbage, Chinese cabbage etc. The other feeding-port for cutting root vegetables and bulb vegetables, such as radish, potatoes, sweet potatoes, taro, carrot, onion, eggplant, apple, ginger etc.

double head vegetable cutter machine

Our Thailand client is a restaurant owner, he bought our single head root vegetable cutter machine two years ago, now due to expand business, he want to buy one new vegetable cutting machine to improve the cutting vegetables efficiency and also save some labor cost. He want multi-functional type which have all functions of cutting slices, tubes, shredding, etc. Thus he choose our double head vegetable cutting machine finally which can processing nearly all kind of vegetables, leaf vegetables, root vegetables, bulb vegetables etc.

vegetable cutter machine

The double head vegetable cutter machine is the most advanced and powerful vegetable cutting machine in the market and easy for operation. it is really a wise choice for cutting various fruits and vegetables.