Old Coconut Lid Opener / Tender Coconut Opener Cutter

We have different types of coconut opener cutter, coconut lid opener, suitable for coconuts with different shapes, size, kinds,etc. meet different demands. Cutting depth, size easy to adjust, with features of high efficiency, save area, easy to operate, wide application, etc.

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Application of Coconut Opener Cutter:

Our coconut opener adopts a pedal-controlled cutting method, which can evenly cut the hard coconut husk. The operation is simple and the work efficiency is high. It is suitable for use in factories such as coconut beverages. About 30 coconuts can be opened in 5 minutes.

Features of Coconut Opener Machine:

  1. Coconuts of different varieties, shapes and sizes can be opened
  2. Automatic electric coconut opener peeling machine Can be opened horizontally and vertically, the position of the cover can be adjusted freely, compatible with various colors of coconut
  3. Quick opening, about 600 per hour, safe and efficient
  4. Smooth opening, high-quality blade, sharp and durable, easy to replace.

coconut opening machine

Advantages of Coconut Opener:

  1. Reasonable design and structure, more durable
  2. Coconut opening is efficient, safe, beautiful and zero loss
  3. It is suitable for a wide range of people and can be used easily.
  4. Cover opening depth, size, easy to adjust.
  5. The machine is small and does not occupy space.
  6. Old coconut, coconut green, Thailand coconut king can all be opened.

Technical Data of Coconut Lid Opener Machine:

Product name Coconut Lid Opener/Coconut Opener Cutter
Model HM-KY-1
Capacity 600pcs/h
Power  0.75kw,220v/50hz
Machine dimension 590*330*1000mm
Material Stainless steel
Opening position freely adjustable
Weight 40kg

Old Coconut Lid Opener / Tender Coconut Opener Cutter

Operation Instructions:

  1. If there are more coconuts to be opened, it is recommended to classify them according to the size of the coconut, and then adjust the position of the baffle according to the separation to control the depth of the cut.
  2. After adjusting the baffle, put the coconut into the bayonet and rotate the upper bayonet to ad suitable position, but be careful not to be too tight, and leave a little bit to prevent it from rotating when cutting.
  3. Press the pedal tightly with your foot to clamp the coconut to prevent it from being thrown out during cutting, then turn on the power of the cutting machine and push it to the appropriate position, shake the handle to rotate the opening.
  4. After one rotation, complete the cutting of the shell, turn off the power switch, move outward, take out the coconut, then insert a sharp flat object into the gap and pry gently to complete the opening.

Video of Coconut Opener Cutter:



Other types of Coconut Lid Opener:

1.Manual Old Coconut Opener(bell mouth, suitable for coconut stew, coconut jelly)

old coconut opener

Model HM-KY2
Blade diameter 8cm/10cm
Efficiency 3~5s/piece
Power 1800W/2200W
Voltage 220V/50HZ
Dimension 275*350*375mm

The manual coconut lid opener machine is suitable for coconut king or old coconut. The diameter of the blade is fixed at 8cm or 10cm. 8cm is basically used to make coconut stew, which is convenient for major fast food restaurants to deliver takeaway without the soup leaking out. It is highly recommended. For 10cm is basically used to make coconut jelly desserts. Coconut can be matched with many DIY fruits, jelly, etc. are very delicious.

Remark: The cutter head is a fixed diameter, the default is 8 cm, if you need 10 cm, please let us know in advance. Thanks.

2.Traditional Automatic type(plain top, suitable for coconut jelly, catering hot pot stew)

Model HM-KY3
Opening Location Adjustable
Efficiency 10s/piece(600pcs/h)
Power 1800W/2200W
Voltage 220V/50HZ
Dimension 340*340*690mm

coconut opener cutter machine

The automatic model is suitable for various types of coconuts, such as: green coconut, coconut emperor, old coconut, white coconut, Thai coconut green, Thai coconut emperor and others! The advantage of this type is that the height and depth can be adjusted at will, so it is more convenient to open the coconut, and the cut mouth is very smooth and beautiful, which greatly solves the trouble of manually opening the coconut!

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