Fully Automatic Weighing and Packing Machine

Automatic weighing and packing machine manufacturer, automatic doypack packing machine supplier, Automatic granule weighing and packing machine meet different demands. Weighing and Packing machine for granules, paste, liquid, powder, etc.

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Description of Automatic Weighing and Packing machine:

This automatic weighing and packing machine is suitable for packing various food such as candy, chocolate, frozen fruits, biscuits, peanuts, green beans, pistachios, rock candy, cakes, daily necessities, cooked food, pickles, puffed food, etc. And suitable for using different pre-made bags such as Stand-up bags, handbags, zipper bags, four-side sealing bags, three-side sealing bags, plastic bags with lids, paper bags and other composite bags.

doypack packing machine application

This automatic weighing and packaging machine has accurate measurement, fast packaging speed, stable operation, low error and low noise. The material meets the hygienic requirements of food packaging, the sealing effect is good, and the operation is simple.

automatic weighing and packaging machine

Main Equipments in the Automatic Weighing and Packing machine:


Z type elevator with vibrator feeder:

  1. It is used for conveying granular and small block materials, widely used in food packaging industry.
  2. Vertical lifting savearea, and the power loss is small, and there is no crushing caused by conveying, because the materials accumulated in the bucket have been in a relatively static state during the conveying process.
  3. Conveying height up to 10 metersor more as required.
  4. Can be designed and produced according to the user’s requirements (different materials, conveying volume, conveying height).

Z type elevator

Automatic Multi-head weigher:

  1. Fast speed, quantitative weighing, the error rate is less than ±0.1g (depending on the material).
  2. The human-machine interface is friendly, similar to the mobile phone operation icons, and the operation is easy to understand.
  3. The machine has a powerful self-checking function, realizes closed-loop detection, can detect abnormal conditions of each node in real time, and display it on the man-machine interface in real time.
  4. The optimized algorithm is faster than the traditional algorithm when weighing large weights.
  5. The software has strong versatility and compatibility, and different models use the same control system.

multi-head weigher

Doypack packing machine:

  1. The automatic doypack packing machine has a eight-station structure,Giving bag-Coding–Opening–Fill Consolidate–Fill Consolidate–Auxiliary–Heat sealing–Forming and output product. and the operation is controlled by PLC and large-screen touch screen. The operation is simple and convenient. Our machines adopts high standard configuration, display screen, PLC, inverter, etc. are adopt Siemens brand, with high quality and very durable use, save maintenance cost.
  2. The automatic doypack packing machines are available in a wide range of packaging. According to different packaging materials, different filling devices can be selected, and various solid materials, liquids, sauces, powders, granules and other materials can be packaged.
  3. It can be applied to a wide range of packaging bags, and can be applied to prefabricated bags and paper bags made of multi-layer composite films, single-layer PE, PP, etc. The sealing quality of the finished packaging bag is good and the grade is high.

automatic doyapck packing machine

Technical Data of Automatic Doypack Packing Machine:

Model HM-DP200 HM-DP250 HM-DP320
Working station Eight Station Eight Station Eight Station
Packing Speed 30~70bags/min 25~50bags/min 20~35bags/min
Suitable bag dimension Length 100~350mm

Width 90~200mm

Length 120~400mm

Width 120~250mm

Length 150~500mm

Width 150~320mm

Air Consumption ≤0.4m³ ≤0.5m³ ≤0.6m³
Power 2.3KW 3.5KW 4.5KW
Weight 1300kg 1400kg 1500kg
Bag Type Pre-made stand-up pouch, 3 sides sealing bag, 4 sides sealing bag,handbag, ziplock pouch, etc.
Applicable Range Various Granule, Liquid, Paste, Powder, etc. Packing.

weighing and packing machine

Working Platform:

The platform is firm and not easy to shake, beautiful and generous, the table adopts non-slip patterned aluminum plate, surrounded by guardrails, practical and safe. We can do customized one for any special requirements.

working platform

Video of Automatic Weighing and Packing Machine:

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