100W Hot Sale Upgrade Electric Automatic Pineapple Peeling Machine

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Description of Pineapple Peeler Machine:

This automatic pineapple peeling machine has an automatic peeling function and adopts fully automatic intelligent control. The control is precise and is not interfered by external power supply frequency and other factors. It is simple to operate, durable and easy to maintain, which greatly improves production efficiency. The peeling speed/thickness is adjustable. Time is controllable, with an average of about 180 fruits and vegetables peeled per hour. The machine automatically peels the skin, ensuring product hygiene and quality, and reducing the technical requirements for workers. This product is suitable for peeling pineapple and other similar round and oval fruits and vegetables.

Features of pineapple peeling machine:

  1. It has automatic peeling function and the peeling speed/thickness is adjustable.
  2. The tool has an adjustment function and can be used to cut fruits and vegetables of different sizes.
  3. Automatic control in one, easy to operate.
  4. Fully automatic intelligent control, free from interference from factors such as external power supply frequency.
  5. Various protections are complete, which can effectively protect workers’ safety and prevent misoperation.

pineapple peeling machine

Technical Data of automatic pineapple peeling machine:

Model HM-FP-B1 HM-FP-B2
Suitable for pineapple Pineapple,pumpkin,cantaloupe,etc.
Capacity About 180pcs/h About 180pcs/h
Power 100W 100W
Voltage 220V/50HZ/Single phase 220V/50HZ/Single phase
Suitable fruit diameter 80~200mm 80~200mm
Suitable fruit height 50~250mm 100~500mm
Dimension 370*380*650mm 370*380*980mm
Weight 28kg 31kg

Video of Pineapple Peeling Machine:

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