High Quality 35pcs/min Meat Patty Forming Machine Chicken Nuggets Maker

The automatic meat patty forming machine can automatically complete the filling, forming, output and other processes of the filling. By changing mould, it can produce different shapes including round, square, oval, triangle, heart and other special shapes, etc.
Suitable raw materials:      1. Meat such as poultry, beef, mutton, pork, etc.. 2.Aquatic products such as fish, shrimp, etc..
3. Vegetables such as potatoes, squash, green beans, etc.. cheese and their mixtures.

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Description of Meat Patty Forming Machine:

The meat patty forming machine also named chicken nuggets forming machine, chicken nuggest maker, it can automatically complete the filling, forming, outputting and other processes of the stuffing. By changing the shape, size and thickness of the forming mouth, it can produce products of various specifications

It can produce popular hamburger patties, all kinds of chicken nuggets, potato patties, pumpkin pie, meat skewers and other products on the market.

The meat patty forming machine adopts the structural design that the feeding paddle and the forming drum run synchronously to ensure enough material feeding and consistent forming pressure. The whole is removable. The mould is easy to replace, and various shapes of products can be made by replacing the die. The machine has a reasonable design, is easy to clean, and is simple and safe to operate.

It is an ideal meat (vegetable) molding equipment for fast food restaurants, distribution centers, and food factories.

automatic meat patty forming machine

Features of Chicken Nuggets Forming Machine:

  1. Multi-purpose, wide applicable raw materials and abundant products.
  2. Abundant shapes, as long as you can think of, machine can be processed can be customized. The maximum diameter that can be processed is ≤100mm.
  3. It can be connected to the powder (slurry) machine, frying machine and other equipment.
  4. The weight of the product is easy to adjust, the thickness of the single-mode product is 6-18mm, and the thickness of the dual-mode product is 6-12mm.
  5. Easy to operate, only need to put the raw materials into the barrel, and the equipment has a high degree of automation.
  6. It is quick to change the shape of the product, just change the mold. Hygienic, safe and reliable.
  7. The whole meat patty forming machine is made of stainless steel and other food materials, which meets hygienic standards and HACCP standards, and is easy to clean.

meat patty forming machine

Technical Data of Meat Patty Maker:

Hopper Volume30L

Warranty and service of Meat Patty Forming Machine:

  1. All products purchased in our company are guaranteed to keep in good repair for one year. If quality problems happen in guarantee period, our company will maintain for free.
  2. Before sending the meat patty machine, we will test and adjust, so you can use directly when you get it.
  3. Operation video & instruction will be sent to clients, to help them use the machines better. Additionally, our company provides technical support and fittings for life. After-sales service isn’t restricted by time and we will solve your problems in time. If you are caught in some problems when using our products, welcome to contact us at any time.
  4. Any problems occur while using, professional advice will be offered.
  5. All kinds of frequently used parts are supplied all the year round.
  6. 24 hours hot line.

Video of Automatic Meat Patty Making Machine:

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