Easy Use Customized 600W Automatic Egg Washing Machine

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Technical Data of Automatic Egg Washing Machine:

The automatic egg washing machine can be connected to the water tank egg loading machine, or it can be used independently(suitable for eggs in the egg tray);
The egg washing machine is equipped with a buffer pool, which uses the buoyancy of water to reduce the damage of eggs caused by collision; Hourly output 2700-10800 pieces;
Soaking and disinfection functions can be realized; Can automatically replenish the water in the tank;
It can be equipped with double-row, three-row, four-row egg breaking machines, automatic dryers and egg loading machines.

automatic egg washing machine

Technical Data of Automatic Egg Cleaner Machine:

Model HM-EW1 Automatic Egg Washer
Capacity ≤10800eggs/h
Voltage AC220-1PH,50/60HZ
Power 0.6KW
Dimension 2050*1000*1330mm
Weight 330KG

Video of Automatic Egg Cleaner:

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