Easy Operate 6kw Automatic Egg Dryer Machine for Chicken Duck Goose Eggs

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Description of Auto Egg Dryer Machine:

The automatic egg dryer machine is used with the egg washing machine, and the light detection system is optional; Mainly used for egg washing and drying of eggs, duck eggs, goose eggs, etc.; Equipped with a buffer pool, using water buoyancy to reduce damage to eggs caused by collisions; Hourly output 2700-10800 pieces; Soaking and disinfection functions can be realized; In addition, it can be equipped with combined production lines such as egg loading machine, egg breaking machine (egg breaking machine), and egg shell crusher.

egg dryer machine

Technical Data of Egg Drying Machine:

Model HM-ED1
Capacity ≤10800eggs/h
Voltage AC220-1PH,50/60HZ
Power 6KW
Dimension 2050*1000*1330mm
Weight 320KG

egg drying equipment

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