Good Price Automatic Apple Peeler / Pear Peeler Machine

Upgrade automatic apple peeler with removing pedicle function, both manual and auto working mode, easy for operation, can peel apple, pear, kiwi,persimmon,orange,etc.

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Description of Automatic Apple Peeler Persimmon Peeler:

This automatic apple peeler can be used to peel persimmons, apples, peach, kiwi, orange, orange, passion fruit, etc. With both removing pedicle and peeling function, It can be used for home or factory processing, and can also be used for component assembly line to produce canned fruit, juice, etc. The design of the whole machine is beautiful, and it is practical, flexible in movement, convenient in operation and inspection, and convenient for maintenance.

This machine is an upgraded version based on the model HM-FP-QX1. The controller is changed to touch screen, and it is divided into two working modes: manual and automatic. It is easy to operate, and the speed is adjustable. The air compressor is also enlarged and more durable.

apple peeling machine

Features of Automatic Apple Peeler Pear Peeler Machine:

  1. removing pedicle and peelingfunctions can be used independently use.
  2. adopt automatic intelligent control,the peeling speed is adjustable,
  3. Set manual and automatic control in one, control mode one key switch, simple operation.
  4. Adopt stainless steel material, durable use, easy to clean.
  5. adopt vacuum suction, automatic blanking device, the processing area and the finished product area are completely separated, thus to ensure the product hygiene and quality, and reduce the technical requirements of workers.
  6. Blade is automatic adjusted which is suitable for different size fruit.
  7. Complete protection can effectively protect workers’ safety and prevent misoperation.
  8. With a variety of lamp control, instrument display, different control state at a glance.
  9. Self-cleaning blocking design to prevent pipeline blockage.
  10. In automatic state, cycle time can be adjusted.

Technical Data of Automatic Appler Peeler:

Model HM-FP-QX2(Upgrade type for HM-FP-QX1)
Function For peeling apple, pear, kiwi, orange, etc.(with removing pedicle)
Capacity 300-1000pcs/H
Power 800W
Voltage 220V 50HZ or as required
Dimension of Product 800*650*950MM
Weight 75KG

automatic apple peeler

How to operate the Automatic Apple Peeler:

  1. Connect the air pump to the equipment and open the air pump and air pump valve. Turn on the air switch and the device is powered on. Check that the cooling fan should work normally, the cutter head should return normally,
  2. After the default startup, the value of the “speed control knob” is greater than 2. Step on the foot switch, the vacuum pump should rotate, and the equipment inhales normally; release the foot switch, the suction nozzle and the knife holder should rotate normally.
  3. The equipment starts to be used normally. Put the root of the fruit close to the suction nozzle, and step on the foot switch to peel the fruit.
  4. The device can be set to “Auto” by clicking the button. After the automatic stop, put the root of the fruit close to the suction nozzle, remove the hand, and peel the fruit.
  5. Please turn off the switch and unplug the power plug after the equipment is used.
  6. The rotational speed of the cutter head and the rotational speed of the fruit can be adjusted according to the peeling conditions. If the peeling texture is wider, the rotational speed of the fruit can be increased or the rotational speed of the cutter head can be decreased; , the speed of the fruit can be reduced.

Video of Automatic Apple Peeler:

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