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What is Application of Multi-functional Pulverizer?

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Application of Multi-functional Pulverizer in crushing medium and low hardness materials:

The multi-functional pulverizer has a wide range of applications, mainly used for the crushing of medium and low hardness materials, and can crush granular concentrated feed such as sorghum, corn, beans, wheat and cakes; also Massive materials such as potatoes, fresh sweet potatoes, cassava, kudzu root and other materials are beaten and powdered, and dried weeds, pastures, corn stalks, dried corn stalks, sweet potato seedlings, peanut seedlings, etc. are crushed into coarse fodder; it can be applied to professional pig farmers in rural areas, Small and medium-sized pig farms and sideline processing households are ideal, economical and effective equipment.

It is also widely used as fine powder and ultrafine powder processing in enterprises and institutions such as medicine, food, chemical industry, dyes, coatings, metallurgy, ceramics, pesticides, non-metallic minerals and scientific research.

It can be seen that the multi-functional pulverizer pulverizes and grinds the raw materials so that the materials can be used in other industries. The multi-functional pulverizer can also pulverize many materials that could not be used in the first place, so that the resources can be reused, which greatly reduces the waste of resources and realizes sustainable development.

Application of Multi-functional Pulverizer in crushing hard and brittle materials:

The multi-functional pulverizer is mainly used for chemical materials, Chinese medicinal materials containing roots, branches, and bulk materials, various grains with low oil content, and other hard and brittle materials. The multi-functional pulverizer machine body is made of stainless steel and equipped with a national standard motor. It uses the relative operation between the movable gear plate and the fixed gear plate, so that the crushed objects are crushed by the gear plate powder, friction and material collision. The size of the particle size is determined by replacing the screen with a different mesh.

In the mechanical equipment market, crusher manufacturers have been working silently for many years, combined with industry development trends to improve, so that the multi-functional pulverizer can meet the current market demand.

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