Best Selling 5400eggs/h Egg Grader for sale

This egg grader for sale is with capacity 5400eggs/h, made of stainless steel, durable use, high efficiency, with grading and candling function, easy to operate, can be used alone or use together with egg washer, vacuum egg lifter and egg printer is optional.

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Description of Egg Grader for sale:

The egg grader for sale also named egg grading machine, egg sorter, egg sorting machine, etc.The accessories of the egg grader are engineering plastic parts produced by molds; the egg grader is suitable for weight grading of chicken eggs, duck eggs, preserved eggs, etc..

The operation of the egg grader is very simple. After the operators (1-2 people) put the eggs on the conveyor line, the equipment can automatically distribute the eggs to different collection baskets according to the weight of the eggs. The equipment has reliable performance and easy operation. , High efficiency, and the eggs are not easily broken during the grading process.

Features of Egg Grader Machine:

  1. The frame structure is made of stainless steel, the equipment has light weight, good strength and beautiful appearance;
  2. The spare parts are consistent, no difference, and have good interchangeability;
  3. lever weighing principle, accurate weighing and convenient adjustment;
  4. Eccentric sprocket and compensation sprocket transmission structure to improve efficiency;
  5. The use of cam gear structure and chain transmission, so that the eggs weighed in turn and not damaged;
  6. Self-rolling rubber wheels, automatically adjust the arrangement of eggs;
  7. Light inspection hood, visible through light inspection to detect the quality of eggs (optional)
  8. It can be connected with an egg washing machine to form an egg production line.
  9. It can be used together with egg washing machines, inkjet printers, etc., or used alone.

egg grader

Working Process of Egg Grader:

  1. Manual egg laying: simple and fast; Or you can use vacuum egg lifter(optional) for loading eggs.
  2. Light inspection: light bulb light inspection, pick out unqualified eggs such as cracks, loose yellow, deformities, and sharp skins (optional);
  3. Grading: the mechanical weighing system will classify the eggs by weight;
  4. Collect eggs: Collect eggs in different sections of the egg tray.

Technical Data of Egg Grader:

Capacity5400 eggs/h5400 eggs/h
MaterialCarbon steelStainless steel
Voltage220V,50HZ,Single Phase220V,50HZ,Single Phase
Net Weight180kg200kg
Gross Weight280kg300kg

Packing and Shipping of Egg Grader:

The egg sorting machine will be packed in export standard plywood case, before shipping, the egg grader will be tested to make sure machine running well. So please be assured about the quality. The machine warranty is one year, and the aftersale service is lifetime.

egg grader for sale

Video of Eggs Grading Machine:

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