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5 sets Best Selling Fruit Peelers Apple Peeling Machines Export to Chile

Our Client Chose Best selling Fruit Peelers After comparision

For fruit peeling machine, we have different type fruit peelers to meet different demands, such as small orange/lemon peeler, economic apple/pear/persimmon/kiwi peeling machine, small multi-functional apple peeler corer cutter, industrial fruit peeling machine, intelligent fruit peeling coring cutting machine, etc.

Our client want to buy apple peeling coring machines for factory use, and also suitable for pear, kiwi, etc. and also want to with cutting function(cut blades can be removed), after comparing our different type fruit peelers, he finally choose the popular industrial use apple peeling machine which with coring and cutting function.

We produced and delivered soonest possible

We produced the customized fruit peelers soonest and delivered them immediately after finishing production, client is satisfied, appreciated for our client trust and we will always try our best to meet different clients demands. Hope our client enjoy great success in the fruit processing field, and we will always be your trustworthy business partner in China!

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