Convenient Use 350L/H Egg Liquid Filter Machine

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Description of Egg liquid Filter:

Egg liquid filter machine is used for filtering out impurities in the egg mixture (like little eggshell after breaking, egg skin, not edible part in it).This egg liquid filter machine can make the fat, protein and water in egg liquid fully mixing and become into a uniform liquid. It can make the egg liquid transported to the various containers. It can be used as an assist equipment to filter egg liquid after breaking or separating eggs.

egg liquid filter

Features of Egg Liquid Lifter Machine:

  1. Adopt special design, double row pipe, can filter liquid egg twice. Thus make the liquid egg very pure.
  2. It can be used together with egg breaking machine, or can be used alone.
  3. Liquid egg after being filtered can much more meet the food hygienic standard.

Technical Data of Liquid Egg Lifter:

Model HM-ELF350
Capacity 350L/h
Power 100W
Voltage 220V/50-60HZ/Single phase
Air source 0.8MPA, 7L/MIN
Dimension 60*80*117cm
Weight 56kg

Video for Egg Liquid Filtering Machine:

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