3-groove Egg yolk and Egg white Separator Cart for Egg Breaking Machine

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Description of 3 groove Egg yolk and white separator

The 3 groove egg white separator cart is used in conjunction with the egg breaking machine and consists of a whole egg liquid buffer pool and a separation tank. After the eggs are broken by the egg cracker, the whole egg liquid is directed to the buffer pool. When the buffer pool is full, the egg liquid automatically overflows and is directed to the separation tank to separate the egg white and yolk and flow them into corresponding containers respectively.

The equipment shell is made of 304 stainless steel for easy cleaning. The overall structure is compact, the floor space is small, and the output is moderate. Suitable for small and medium-sized food factories, pastry rooms and other units.

3 groove egg yolk and white separator


Main Technical Data of 3 groove Egg White Separator Cart:

1)Model: HM-EAE4

2)Function: individual device, no power, for separate yolk and white, composed of egg liquid sink and three-groove separator.

3)support EB4/6 models egg breaker

4)Packing size: 50*65*100cm