Good Price 2700eggs/h One Row Egg Breaker Machine Yolk Separator

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Description Of Egg Breaker Machine:

The egg breaker machine with separator is used to produce fresh egg liquid. HM-EB1 model is with one row for cracking eggs, capacity 2700eggs/h, It can open the eggshell, and the egg white and yolk will flow out to the different egg liquid tanks respectively, and the eggshell will fall off to the container. It can adjust the high and low position of the special beater according to the size of the beaten egg to ensure that the egg is 100% open and can adapt to a variety of egg specifications.
The egg cracking machine can be used independently, or it can be equipped with an egg liquid single groove separator, eggshell crusher, vacuum egg lifter, egg liquid filter, etc. according to production needs. The entire process can be automated. It is widely used in bakery, cake factory, egg cake and other production enterprises.
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Features Of Automatic Egg Breaking And Separating Machine:

  1. 304 stainless steel material, meet international food safety standards, durable and easy to disassemble and clean.
  2. Easy button operate, convenient and with low failure rate
  3. Does not damage the surface of the yolk, high efficiency.
  4.  Lightweight structure design, easy to move, beautiful and durable.
  5. One row type with good price, suitable for starting business.
  6. Energy saving and environmental protection, low noise, long life, low maintenance, cost-effective

Technical Data Of Egg Breaker Machine:

ModelHM-EB1 (1row)
CapacityAbout 2700eggs/h
Air source0.6MPA
WeightAbout 125kg
Main machine FunctionFor separating egg liquid and eggshell
Optional deviceSingle groove yolk and white separator, vacuum egg lifter,egg shell crusher, liquid egg filter.

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Video of One row Egg Breaker and Separator:

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